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Re: March 31 update

Ammo/armor/health generators now allow multiple people to use them simultaneously at full speed. Why? This is increasing the value of armour dispensers quite a bit I'm not sure why it was changed tbh. Waiting your turn makes it take longer which can make you prioritise other actions or teammates. T...

March 31 update

If you exit an emplaced gun while holding down mouse1, you must now release and then re-press mouse1 to attack. This fixes the annoyance e.g. where you would blow yourself up if you got forced off an emplaced gun with rockets equipped. +using someone now gives ammo for all of your weapons simultane...

Voting update

When a pause vote passes, the game now pauses instantly instead of waiting 3 seconds. You can now quickly call a vote to pause/unpause by typing "pause" or "unpause" in the console. You can now quickly call a vote to pause by typing "pause" in the chat. Minor fix for shuffleteams vote: e.g. if ther...

Fuck non clickers

Reduced lag spikes during respawn waves. Fixed being able to erroneously enter hacking/using animations without having the proper siege item. When map is changed in round 2 via any method, it will automatically reset to round 1. During intermission, the READY status of spectators is no longer consi...

Re: Star Wars: Episode IX

ROS spoiler
It's kind of lame that they had to reuse the planet-destroying weapons YET AGAIN (fourth time) in Rise of Skywalker. Like it wasn't enough that the bad guys will have access to thousands of powerful new ships, they have to also be mini death stars.

Re: Star Wars: Episode IX

Regarding the death Star blowing up easily: the reactor is a critical component and a hit to that will blow up the station. Their downfall in ep4 was the small hole you could bomb it from. As the death Star isn't yet complete this is still exposed but you can only assume that a finished death Star ...

Re: Star Wars: Episode IX

ghoul wrote:
Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:45 am
Re-use of death star in VI was never problem to me, i felt like: ok they failed once but why not try again? with better security?
But it still blew up if you shot a missile in one spot, you just had to fly a little bit more to get to that magic spot

Minor update

You are now allowed to SK within one second after the spawn if you have at least one detpack in the world or are throwing a detpack. Previously, the anti-selfmax feature would block the SK because you would be maxed. Fixed skillboosted players not being able to change class within one second before...

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