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Minor update

A minor server update is live: Added the new command /emote . It can be used two ways: Without any argument: does a random animation for 5 seconds. With an argument: does an animation based on the "keyword" you enter. For example, /emote balls123 does the same animation every time. You can use this ...

Re: Cargo3

Minor update: fixed issue where O jan would have green shield removed when pressing mouse2 (this was only intended to happen for d jan)

Re: Nar Shaddaa

First Nar Shaddaa update since 2011! O assault: added repeater O tech: added E11 HP reduced to 80 (was 100) D demo: cannot detkill (1s delay before detpack can auto-explode from death) max armor reduced to 50 (was 100) Also I lost the .map file when my hard drive died recently, so RIP structural (bs...

Re: Default map

I voted yes but realize that if you spawn that close to Sith in pregame he will just tryhard frag you that much more

RaX jOrIs Is OvErPoWeReD aT fIrSt ObJ!!111111111111111111111111111111

Rax Joris is complete trash at Hoth first obj. Spamming bunkers is his ONLY semi-viable tactic, and even that is really easy to evade/negate. It is absolutely mind-boggling to me that someone could babyrage so hard about this tactic that they ragequit and kill 3s over it (Black). Just watch this vid...

ASL Victims List

Here is a current list of victims who have given up LivePug FullMap golds to the American Super League (myself and Csr).

May these victims rest in peace, and be recognized for their noble sacrifice:

The Battle of Hoth (4:39.807)

The Battle of Urban (5:11.010)

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