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Re: So how are you guys doing?

Got a new job, starting Monday so I'm doing 3.5 days there and two half days in the joke shop supermarket. Going to be doing actual science stuff so it should be decent, I will be getting school holidays off though. Hey that's really nice! I'm happy to hear you didn't abandon your joke shop ambitio...

So how are you guys doing?

Summer has been pretty chill: we don't play very often, and I haven't seen/talked to many people in a good while! So I figured I'd ask here, on the off chance people will notice and reply. Me, I'm currently awaiting some admission/rejection emails from unis located in germany/austria, and am constan...

Re: Urban

I'd like to hereby start a petition to reconstruct the café at the third objective to a laundromat. Or at the very least renovate it, because in its current state there is no way I'd ever go in there.

Re: Cargo3

An objective resembling a tooth. Duh.
Don't ask me which objective that is though...

Re: Ansion

Black wrote:
Mon May 27, 2019 5:45 pm
Must admit I laughed when I saw your puzzle thing on here.

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