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Re: Star Wars: Episode IX

I don't know, I always thought the second death star wars rushed and stupid. It took them 16 years to build the first death star and finish it, then within like what, 1 year? they build half of a new one and even make it functioning? I find it hard to believe. I don't know, there is no point dwellin...

Re: Star Wars: Episode IX

Well for me, all star wars films are in this category " Amazing films that I think have added a lot to the star wars universe and I can rewatch them any time" I used to be like that as well but then I played the kotor/swtor gamed and they have forever changed my perceptive of good stories. I rated ...

Re: Saber throw

I think there are a couple of misunderstandings going on here. First, this new system would completely replace the current one. That means pulling has now no effect on the target, unless you specifically include it as + points in the new system. Though I think grab raised a good point, and pushthrow...

Re: Star Wars: Episode IX

Hey we are ranking star wars films! My list (coping duo's style): Amazing films that I think have added a lot to the star wars universe and I can rewatch them any time: The Empire Strikes Back The Revenge of the Sith Good films that I really enjoyed, and can rewatch but didn't add as much to Star Wa...

Re: Star Wars: Episode IX

Mandalorian is quite good but still i prefer movies. Clone Wars isn't for me, except old Tartakovsky's CW. But it's good SW are big enough to make everyone be able to find good content in this universe :) Witcher > Mando @TV series. And i'm not a Witcher fan, it's just better show. The Mandalorian ...

Re: Search

Duo wrote: I tried to search for when Ansion will be released but couldn't find a date.
I have been meaning to go back to it and redesign things, especially the 2nd area. I intend to release the next version sometime in February, as I will have the semester break during it.

Re: Star Wars: Episode IX

Sup :) im good, but completely lost interest in playing any games online. Fallen Order was something i needed and i love this game. Well if you hate EP7 i'm sure you will like EP8 and dislike 9 :) try 8 i think it will be good 4 u. Is JKA alive or dead last days? Someone lended me their account, so...

Re: Star Wars: Episode IX

(Hijacking thread) Lord! You are still alive! How you doing, haven't seen you in ages? Like aaaaaaages.

(Back on topic) I've heard ep9 was quite bad, but not ep8 level of bad, so who knows. I've only seen ep7 though, and I would rate that as the worst star wars film so idk:(

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