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Re: Saber throw

Already affects saber block :thinking: Using your system means that saberthrowing gunner that is running away will deal 60 dmg only and this is not how it works now. Can't you just make it deal always 100 damage agaisnt gunners and fix logic for saberists? Saber throw damage agaisnt saberists = 50 ...

Re: Saber throw

Is the target being pulled/pushed? If yes, +1 point. TBH I don't like that. Push/pull is strong enough now - it unarms jedi and pulls enemy to you. Also it punishes you for not using push/pull and sometimes it is nice to risk saber throw only to not waste force on push/pull. It Is the target in a s...

Default map

We should change map to Lightsaber training so we can mess with sabers before pug instead of running on white map.

Re: Cargo3

Glass and breakable gratings (including the fan grating @ ventilation node) are now guaranteed to break when you touch them, regardless of speed, trajectory, etc. If you touch the glass/grating in any way, it will break. I kinda liked being able to walk on the fan grating at ventillation node:( ^

WTB 2 features

I'm going to relase new map very soon and I would like to add 2 new things for classes. 1) Class not playing jump sound on jump and roll. 2) Kinda optional, might be hard to do. Well I wanted map to be tighter and not have mines like on Cargo. But I was thinking about making primary mines cooler and...

Map & classes statistic.

We should have some data about maps and classes - average time for each objective and how many times each class was picked. We could see which objectives are going too fast/slow, which classes are used or not. It would be useful for balancing maps. It could be printed somewhere on site or/and in gam...

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