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Re: Desert reworked

Renamed map to mp/siege_tatooine_b7 ***MAP CHANGES*** Objective 2: - Reduced stations area. Now panels are behind glass doors that can be opened/closed by both teams. Objective 3: - Added more cover to prevent sniping attackers from spawn. - Added lift from defenders spawn to arena - Inner gratings ...


Ammo cans should not be picked by people with melee/saber/pistol/stun baton only and by people with full ammo.

Re: Cargo3

I can't believe it is your 6th version of the map and you still didn't fix these few holes in map that can be fixed in 2 minutes and you still keep map in huge box to stop map from leaking. This bullshit ruining my FPS on 2th obj(v5) because of that, half of the map is rendered at once. Also door th...

Re: Cargo3

CLASS CHANGES: D jedi: New ability: 'force distract'. When mind trick is used, a fake sound effect is played at the targeted location to confuse enemies. If saber is off: saber ignition sound If crouch or walk button is held: footstep sound If +use is held, or saber is on: weapon firing sound Dank ...

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