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Re: Desert reworked

B6 update: ***NEW CLASSES** ***MAP CHANGES*** Objective 1: - First panel hacking time increased to 1.5s(was 1s) Objective 2: - Layout changes, each station has different layout - Panels have new model, 400 HP each Objective 4: - Tower is back Objective 5 NEW: - New layout: take C3PO head to the Falc...

Stat viewer

Since we have better team overlay, this became pretty bad. How about this trait working all the time, not just when aimed at our teammate?

Re: Balance Flechette

The alternative would be increasing the number of pellets and decreasing damage, but (1) that might lag the server to be constantly creating that many entities, especially if multiple people are shooting, and (2) might give some people FPS lag and visual distractions due to shittons of things flyin...

Re: Balance weapons

Flechette I propose to increase flechettes number to 9, decrease damage to 9 to keep smillar damage and remove RNG and make it shoot like normal shotgun. Repeater: reduce spread to 1.2/1.3 and increase velocity to 2000(1600 now) E11: IMO primary should be snipe like f...

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