Turn tie break on

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No (No votes)
Total votes: 5

Re: Tie breaker

IIRC when the ADs came back that one summer and complained about it (because it was new), Sith hopped on the bandwagon...

It makes no sense whatsoever to have to call an endmatch vote and wait for lazy people to vote yes every time. Just have it auto end IMO. This is yet another case of having an unofficial rule but for some bizarre reason not making it an official rule, just like class limits - we limited to 1 d hw but when official class limits were proposed, some shitties were like "oh no don't add class limits, the honor system is good enough"

We have the ability with the server mod to codify unofficial practices into the game. I see no reason not to enable the tie break end feature.

Re: Tie breaker

If you complete more objectives it's not a tie. Tie-breaker is the wrong word. I thought you were referring to a way of deciding the game if an equal number of objectives are completed. This was rejected a while ago.

Re: Tie breaker

Friendly reminder: this still doesn't work. Looks like it needs one more objective than it should. Lets say, you finished only 1st and 2nd objective, tie break activates not after finishing objective 3, but after finishing objective 4. At least it works like that after I join server, tie breaker activates after completing bridge objectives. Can we also have tie break disabled for pre-pugs?