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Yeah with 3s problems on the map are far more exposed.
With anything more than 2s obj1 is a chaos fest, this is unavoidable really and not that important as it's the 1st objective.

Objective 2 turrets are shitty it essentially kills jedi that gets in there alone, or adds 5 seconds per console if you can avoid the shots. We held this for so long with 1 demo (me) getting killed fairly frequently and the jedi just dying to the turrets.

Objective 3 is really difficult and all scout is the about the best tactic since other classes that aren't jedi get killed easily and even if you get a demo in there you only get 10 mines. That's retarded. There should probably be more (and larger) cover for the attackers on the ground.

Objective 4 is ok I think although I'd still like a more accessible way to get gunners up than that lift so far away.

Objective 5 mostly relies on the defenders messing up.

Objective 6 the ship should not be healable. Healing objectives should be limited to when there are many destructibles of low HP. Make the shield thing lower so you have to crouch to be covered by it or push it further down the hall toward Ospawn so it's more risky to use it. HW on defence is pretty dominant on this objective so is tech. Honestly is fast force regen really necessary the class can heal itself while jumping super high to avoid damage and freeze enemies. Oh MT + Push 3 is a bit silly you can mt the whole team, isolate 1 guy and kill him with push and E11 before he can get up and they won't even see you.

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I quite like the map, you've done fairly well to convert it to a siege map (god knows I've done worse jobs) but even at the 10th version (10 betas lol) problems persist. Objective 2 relies on the player destroying the objective not being a jedi because of the turrets. I think out of people who play I'm about the best at destroying the consoles as jedi without dying but it still takes a while, this nullifies jedi on that objective in a game of 2s and we play quite a lot of 2s these days. I'd recommend removing the turrets if it's a 2v2 (if you want advice on this I'd be happy to help).

1st objective seems fine even though I can't defend it for the life of me. The 3rd objective I'd say is decent on the whole you've done a good job with the cover so that scout doesn't have an easy job of sniping gunners on approach (Alexis is class anyway). The codes objective is decent, it's the only objective where the defenders really do have to all be dead. The lift one I'm not a fan tbh but there isn't anything wrong with it per se. But the final objective is an issue imo, it's such a long approach that the defenders always have time to prepare; mines, position, etc., which makes it very hard to attack. The objective would be more doable but for the defence tech class, this class has no true counter. Honestly it's hard to do anything against a competent tech (I played it very casually and aggressively against you and Duo without any problems). The bolt, e11, push 3, mt3, jump 3, fast force regen AND demp combination is pretty lethal. Honestly I'd remove MT from tech and bolts too, it's still a viable class that way. E11, demp, jump and push is still a great class (even in 2s) but it leaves it a lot more vulnerable to getting hit, I'd remove heal too but that is debatable.

IDK about assault though I really can't aim with blobs so I'm a shit assault I'm not sure how useful each assault class is.

Edit: Add a levelshot you fucking scrub.

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What I want to do:

Assault: remove Big Bacta and give 150 hp for start.

Developer Comment: We feel like Assault is not in good spot right now. We are removing his Big Bacta and giving him 50 extra health at start. Assault should be more effective against Jedi.

Technician: reduce health to 75, remove Mind Trick

Developer Comment: We think that Junkrat is too strong after buffs he got in recent patches. Junkrat, as a uniqe Technician, brings a lot to the team, but there are no downsides so we decided to reduce his survivability. We also decided to remove his Mind Trick because we feel like playing against Mind Trick + Push combo is not really fun. With this patch we also bring Defense Technician limit.

Heavy Weapons: reduce speed to 0.9

Developer Comment: Heavy Weapons guy was too strong in some situations. With changes we did for Defense Technician we decided to slow down this guy a little bit.

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I agree on tech even with its reduced HP and force powers it's still a highly playable class. I'd be careful with increasing D assault HP, especially with it having mines you risk it being more powerful than demo in all situations but I'll reserve judgement on that (maybe give it 3 mines or something?). I quite liked the O HW class I wouldn't have said it was dominant and needed to be less effective, I'd have taken off HP over speed anyway. I still think the last objective is too long and contains a choke point that is too narrow.
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Add a levelshot you fucking scrub.
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Too narrow, too far
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Ok, here are changes I made yet:

1. Lowered one box on obj1 so it will be(?) easier for defenders. You can fall in that hole if u r not careful.
2. Added windows on obj4 defenders spawn. It is useless before obj5, later scouts can snipe O spawn but I am not sure if it is ok.
3. Removed ugly teleport and added sexy lift from obj5 to obj6.
5. Enlarged defenders spawn room and added window to Twin Pod. Hack for bottom turrets moved next to window.
6. Shortened path from attackers spawn to Twin Pod and made corridor a bit wider.
7. You missed something

1. Sith told me to give O Assault Flechette and take away Repeater. Tbh I would like to not remove Repeater and just give him Flechette so game would be more interesting. Eventually I could make his bacta small;
2. I agree that O HW was not OP;
3. Will buff O Demo by changing his model to Rax Joris
4. Should I buff D Jedi?
5. Any thoughts on D Assault? @duo @sith @ceasar
6. I was thinking about removing clips over Obj2 so O Jedi can walk on the edges like he can do it on Obj3. It would be a buff for O Jedi without nerfing turrets. Thoughts?
7. I can eventually enlarge map by second(third) part of the map from JK2 where you fight Tavion. It would be one or two objectives more. I could also remove current Obj6 and add that part and make separate map like siege_bespin2 or something.