Well, back to beta.

- Added locations
- Removed all 'facing' from triggers

Objective 1:
- More cover around defenders respawn
- Attackers can't destroy lock from spawn anymore
- Fixed door

Objective 2:
- Changed Attackers respawns to prevent launching
- Added hack for Attackers to disable turrets(10 seconds)
- Small layout changes

Objective 3:
- Added more cover

Objective 4:
- Added more cover
- Moved lift closer to attackers
- Added cover next to Defenders respawn
- Enlarged hack a little bit
- Added retreat teleport(at door in respawn)

Objective 5:
- Removed anti-rush
- Retreat lift speed to 350(was 250)
- Lift can be used by Defenders after objective is completed

Objective 6:
- Decreased anti-rush shield life time by 1
- Some layout changes
- Under landing site turrets hack time to 4(was 5)

Class changes:
Rebel Tech: added ammo dispenser
Rebel Jedi: sab. throw 3(was 2)