Project Digimon 2 [Discussion]

I do like P_D but there have always been unaddressed problems present in the map. However it was a fun map and one we don't play at all anymore. I'm going to try to identify flaws in the map and propose fixes because I think it's worth doing as some of the objectives are genuinely fun and competitive.

Objective 1: Probably the hardest to change but the main problem with this objective was rocket spam. To fix this I'd move both spawn points and have a door rather than an open entrance (thanks to anti spam this should cut out rocket spam). 1st objectives aren't usually as secure as this one however it is doable.

Objective 2: This one was always an obvious fix in my eyes, it needs a second entrance (I'd have doors on both again for spam). One of the most promising objectives I loved the hackable shield and the multiple destructibles with low health.

Objective 3: Easily the worst objective, it was Hoth hangar style but with less space 1000 HP turrets and a larger lift. I might just scrap the whole objective but if I were to keep it it'd be wider, higher, and the lift would be replaced with a ramp.

Objective 4: This one was fun to defend but often forgotten, you hack a console to open the CC. I'd probably edit the positioning of the objective and the defence spawn a little so it isn't totally necessary to have a man alive at all times (but I'd keep it so it was advantageous).

Objective 5: This is the final objective, a large CC with many consoles to destroy. The turrets aren't necessary on both routes to the CC lift I'd definitely remove the ones on the side closest to the offence spawn point and possibly the others too. The CC lift got spammed a lot so that might have to be reworked into something like an Urban red witness style jump pad with a door at the top. I'd have intruders in CC only play once so ninja attacks could more easily happen. The side entrance might get two sets of doors in the path that leads directly to the CC.

Classes: Hoth classes never suited this map, I'd make customs.

Other: One quirk of this map was that anti rush shields didn't drop until a defender spawned at the next objective, should this stay as an interesting game mechanic or be removed as a pointless irritation?

What do you guys think? I doubt this would take much effort for me to do and it'd still be very much Xeon's map, I could only claim to be refining it slightly. The big question though is would you play it? The whole point of this is that I like the map and it suits 2s/3s quite well but we don't play it at all due to some easily rectifiable irritations.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

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Actually, I've been trying to convince duo to revisit p_D, like he did original cargo for ages. I would definitely give it a chance, as I think it has a lot of potential, and is generally a fun map. I also wouldn't mind having custom classes, totally not because I consider hoth the least interesting siege map.

Objective 1: I think the main issue is that there is practicly 1 route, where you have to progress. So it's easy to rocket spam. I guess you could try adding a door, but I think experimenting with additional routes would be more logical.

Objective 2: I think this objective was one of the main reasons p_d was played, it's definitely an interesting one. I don't have any issues with it, but I'm not against adding more entrances.

Objective 3: And this objective is the main reason why we no longer play it. Meh. Remove it. Or rework it if you insist.

Objective 4: I don't really remember this. Do whatever you want with it I suppose.

Objective 5: This was a fun one I think. Apart from lift spam. And something something too many turrets? Not entirely sure anymore. But I think this one makes a fine final objective, and as you said, the broken parts could be easily fixed.

I think anti-rush should stay for second obj, as that hack is the core part of it, but other than that I don't even remember other anti-rush features.

My only concern is whether or not you can get permission from xeon to do all these changes.

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Project Digimon 2

So I implemented my changes last night, I was right in it not taking much effort typing up the classes took longer than changing the map. I actually used version 1.22 as my base but there was very little difference between the two versions (1.23 had slightly wider entrances IIRC). Changes some are highlighted .

Objective 1: Has a door, the defence spawn has a forced exit path away from the entrance.
Objective 2: Added entrance, removed two destructibles (they were in front of the door).
Objective 3: Wider, higher, ramp replaces lift, turrets removed.
Objective 4: Push button side door from defence spawn added (this door will not open after the completion of objective 4), small alterations in cover locations around the objective, the turrets hack has been removed, all turrets bar 2 on the side nearest the CC have been removed.
Objective 5: 2 jump pads replace the main lift, Intruder warnings do not exist "Data under attack" message will only play if a console is destroyed (should maybe allow ninja takedowns on the data centre).

Overall: I made it slightly brighter IDK why but my compiling seemed darker than the original so it should look about the same. Rush shields currently all last 12 seconds, I know this is Grab level but the way the map is it is necessary. The only rushable objective is the last one, there are enough consoles in there to be able to stop a rush after it starts though and it'd be uncommon to have long in there anyway I think.

O Assault: The offence tank class 100 HP 80 armour. Repeater, e-11, and pistol. Speed 85%
O HW: A supporting Jedi class 75 HP. Single Lightsaber fast stance & pistol, FP_SABER_OFFENSE,1|FP_SABER_DEFENSE,1|FP_LEVITATION,1|FP_PUSH,2|FP_SABERTHROW,1|FP_TEAM_HEAL,1|FP_HEAL,3. Speed 115% (OHW was never played so I thought I'd try something different I may have went too far but we'll see)
O Demo: 100 HP Pistol, e-11, mines, thermals. Speed 100%. Bacta
O Scout: 100 HP. Pistol, Disruptor. Speed 115%.
O Tech: 100 HP. Demp, Pistol, Detpacks. Speed 115%. Sentry and bacta.
O Jedi: Saberist jedi. Single Lightsaber medium/strong. 50 HP. Speed 125% FP_SABER_OFFENSE,3|FP_SABER_DEFENSE,3|FP_SABERTHROW,2|FP_LEVITATION,3|FP_PUSH,2|FP_PULL,2|FP_TELEPATHY,2

D Assault: 140 HP Repeater, e-11, and pistol. 300 ammo potentially not viable over multiple spawns. Speed 100%
D HW: HP 100. Rockets, pistol. Speed 75%
D Demo: 100 HP. Pistol, thermals, mines. Bacta. Speed 100%
D Scout: 85 HP. Pistol, disruptor. Speed 115%
D Tech: = Hoth jan
D Jedi: Single Saber Jedi fast/medium. 50 HP Speed 125% FP_SABER_OFFENSE,3|FP_SABER_DEFENSE,3|FP_LEVITATION,3|FP_PUSH,2|FP_PULL,2|FP_SEE,2|FP_SABERTHROW,1 Speed 125%