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Ansion beta 10 is up on server.

  • First area reworked.
  • 2nd area: hack times increased, layout slightly modified.
  • 2nd area: blue room reworked, with the intention of making it less effective to camp inside.
  • 3rd area: alternate routes have been added.
  • 3rd area: a new hack has been added to open up alternate routes.
  • 3rd area: destructable glass healths have been reduced.
  • 3rd area: the defence route to the npcs has been removed.
  • 3rd area: transferred 1 hp from Alpha to Onasi to better reflect reality.
  • 4th area: moved the alt hack panel out to the hallway.
  • 4th area: lowered the hp of the locks.
  • D Tech: reduced health to 50, max armour to 25, and now spawns without armour.
  • O Tech: reduced health to 50.

Re: Ansion

Ansion beta11 is up on server. Changes have only been done to the first 2 objectives; I originally intended to wait until I adjusted all objectives, but the map seems to get played somewhat more frequently now, so I figured I'll just compile with the changes I have already made.

  • 1st area: slightly reduced size.
  • 2nd area: removed yellow hack.
  • 2nd area: the backdoor will now open upon destroying the dish (red).
  • 2nd area: removed the alternate hack for red station.
  • 2nd area: the door to yellow no longer gets opened if green gets hacked.
  • 3rd area: transferred 1 hp from Alpha to Onasi to better reflect reality.
  • 3rd area: removed the small shield item near o spawn.
  • D Scout now has 50 hp (down from 75).

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Onasi wrote:
Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:40 pm

  • 2nd area: removed yellow hack.
  • 2nd area: the backdoor will now open upon destroying the dish (red).
  • 2nd area: the door to yellow no longer gets opened if green gets hacked.
I don't know why you did this. This makes it a pretty standard 1 area defence rather than a defence that needs to move and adapt. Although I didn't like yellow you've offered no alternative. Honestly I'd have green unlock the backdoor and the others that green has done in the past start open. This allows people to slip into the other objective if the defenders are negligent, probably through yellow.

3rd area close off what used to be the upper route from D spawn, I've jumped up there thinking it was still a thing before. Some people have been complaining this is a spam objective but I disagree there are so many routes up to the objective and you can get into the room pretty easily to drain health from the objective, the same people don't seem to criticise Cargo's node 2 :thinking:.

4th area seems to have a disproportionate number of mini objectives. Door hack, shield, blast door, and another hack/destructible. Is that last one really necessary? By all means make the blast door open super slow or have a temporary shield block the datapad to give us a chance to defend it but to make the attackers do yet another mini objective after the blast doors is a little excessive in my opinion.

5th area I don't like it at all to be honest. I can't even decide exactly what it is I don't like about it. Maybe it's needing to do the hack when there is a door that should be an alternative since it's much longer this would prevent defenders just hiding in a 1v1. The raised platform that defenders can get to first, this shouldn't have a ramp on their side of the spawn it should be an attacking position trading little cover for your height advantage. It's a codes objective but it's not played as one since you can just recall them every spawn. The windowed areas are a pain when people hide in there.

1st area is solid but it does have an exploitable window room that can rocket the objective.

Missing door soundsets can be frustrating when you are listening for movement and the door opens silently and you get killed. Missing textures:
shot2019-03-27_16-53-46.jpg (1.86 MiB) Viewed 206 times
shot2019-03-27_16-53-13.jpg (1.73 MiB) Viewed 206 times
shot2019-03-27_16-53-49.jpg (1.81 MiB) Viewed 206 times

Re: Ansion

Okay I have been trying to track down missing textures for ages, I think those are actually just shaders and I have a hard time locating them, I'll make them a priority or replace those I suppose. I have no idea about missing door soundsets though, do you mean there are doors that do not currently have one, or that I used some custom one that people do not have by default? Either way, doors should 100% have soundsets, if there is any door missing one, just let me know.

I like your pain message suggestions, I realise the current ones are probably too long and are just disruptive: no one wants to read a 2 lines long sentence.

As for yellow hack, to me it seemed it was almost impossible to defend it, and I could not really think of a good place to move yellow hack to. At first the hack used to be on the other side, close to the door, which seemed to be the only alternative to me, but that would have also been just a 1 area defence, really, door or not. So I was hoping that by reducing the POIs, things would get streamlined. I am not afraid to just backpedal on this though, if it turns out to be not good.

3rd obj I think is not that hard to get, people just still focus on going in from the side, and attacking Onasi, instead of Alpha. I intend to make slight adjustments for now, but nothing too major.

And you are probably right about 4th obj, I think I'll do exactly that: remove the barrier hack/destructible.

And as for last obj, I intend to fully rework it. I think you don't like it because it's basically just a hallway, with nothing interesting in there.

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ghoul wrote:
Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:34 am
Funniest thing is, i have textures there.
So do I, on my main. Anyhow, with the help of grab I have finally tracked down the missing shader in yellow (such a brilliant idea to just pour all shaders from imperial planets into a single imperial.shader file, slow clap ravensoft). So that should be fixed.

HOWEVER, the other missing texture I can not wrap my head around. The texture is called deathcon1a (full path is impdetention/deathcon1a). It also uses a shader, that is located in shaders/impdetention.shader. This is where it gets messy. Remember, ravensoft just poured all imperial planet shaders into a single imperial.shader file. Including impdetention. They then, probably upon realising how dumb this idea was, decided to separate these in jka, so jka actually uses an impdetention.shader file. This logically means that this texture could not have been added in jk2, and was instead added in jka. Therefore, the base game should 100% have it. This is further reinforced by my testing the map on a completely clean install (barring newmod 0.34), and being able to see the texture. Is there any chance an other map is overwriting this impdetention shader for those that can not see it?