Desert reworked

I am putting whole changelog.

Assault - 150, 0/0, speed 1.1
Heavy - 100, 0/0, speed 1
Demo - 50, 50/50, speed 1, bacta
Scout - 75, 0/0, speed 1.25
Tech - 75, 0/50, speed 1, removed shield, added blaster rifle, sentry, ̶s̶e̶e̶k̶e̶r̶
Jedi - 50, 0/0, speed 1.25, saber def. 3, saber att. 3, saber throw 2, jump 3, pull 2, push 2, absorb 3, protection 2, removed mind trick

Assault - 140, 0/25, speed 1, seeker
Heavy - 100, 0/0, speed .75, added bowcaster, rocket launcher, removed concussion gun
Demo - 50, 50/50, speed 1, bacta
Scout - 50, 0/0, speed 1, jetpack
Tech - 75, 0/50, speed 1, removed shield, added blaster rifle, ̶s̶e̶n̶t̶r̶y̶, seeker
Jedi - 50, 0/0, speed 1.25, saber def. 3, saber att. 3, saber throw 2, jump 2, pull 2, push 2, grip 2, lighting 1, removed rage

Objective 1 - Wall:
  • Removed one hole in the wall
  • Changed buildings arrangement and reduced area size
  • Attackers respawn closer to wall
  • Defenders respawn in front of lift only
  • Wall lifts: speed to 600(was 300), return after 6 seconds(was 1)
  • Added retreat teleporter for defenders on wall, behind spawn
  • Fixed hole in wall
Objective 2 - Stations:
  • Attackers respawn closer to stations
  • Removed support stations
  • Removed swoops
  • Station 1 is no longer part of objective and is empty
  • Station 2 is now Red Station and station 3 is now Blue Station
  • Red and blue stations are now close to each other and to defenders respawn
  • Added ladders outside of the stations
  • Added more obstacles
  • Removed second doors to stations but enlarged existing doors
  • Turrets: health to 100(was 250), now can respawn, still needs to be hacked(5 seconds), 1 turret per station
  • Panels: same health(500), better collision, can't be damaged by DEMP2 or pistol
Objective 3 - Arena:
  • Shortened corridors for attackers by about 30%
  • Reduced arena lenght by about 17%
  • Lowered defenders respawn area level to attackers ground level and removed some walls. Now attackers can easily enter grandstand
  • Removed rancor
  • Lowered first gate health to 1000(was 2000)
  • Increased second gates health to 1000(was 500)
  • Added retreat teleporter for defenders next to spawn, behind door
Objective 4 - Command Tower:
  • Added obstacle to prevent sniping attackers getting to swoop
  • Door lock health to 500(was 1000)
  • Lift: now protected by hatch to prevent lift spaming, returns after 2 seconds(was 1)
  • Front window is now small ''door'' to prevent snipe spam
  • Raised ceiling and enlarged area toward the Falcon
  • Side doors: size increased, can be hacked by attackers outside(2 seconds)
  • Added jumppands to tower balconies(use)
  • Added barriers on balconies
Objective 5 - Protocol droid parts:
  • Added 5th swoop for every team
  • Removed locks - doors are open for everyone
  • Every droid room now has turret(identical to stations)
  • Moved all droid rooms closer to defenders respawn
  • Moved leg and arm parts to new rooms, much closer to defenders
  • Added boxes so non-jedi classes can go through the window to torso and arm rooms
  • Added lift to head room and enlarged door a little
  • Enlarged doors to Falcon
  • Every part now has its own message

Re: Desert reworked

FIRST OBJECTIVE: Cut the area in half, if not more. Put some serious thought into building layout. In fact, I would reduce the number of buildings, leaving only a few around the objective. The buildings should play a more integral role in game-play. Get rid of that giant obelisk. I would give serious consideration to 1) removing the giant wall defenders spawn on; or (what I suggest) make it a hell of a lot smaller such that it can be accessed by all classes via a SMALL lift or (imo) STAIRCASE. 2) reducing the size of the hole such that it can't be hit from literally everywhere on the map.

SECOND OBJECTIVE: Reduce the size significantly and add more doors to the stations. Make them hackable or something. Raise the ceiling in both stations and put back the hp/shield bunker. Move the defense spawn up a bit.

THIRD OBJECTIVE: Honestly, I am not sure if this one will ever be viable. You might need to go back to the drawing board and reinvent it. As it currently stands, it is a gimme for the offense. However, if you increase the hp or buff the defense, it becomes a Pickett's Charge. There really is no good way to fix this.

FOURTH OBJECTIVE: Fix those jumppads. Holy shit those are annoying.

FIFTH OBJECTIVE: Decrease the size of the area by at least 70%. Again, consider building layout and get rid of shit that isn't contributing to game-play. Cut the number of parts in half (i'll do the math for you; 4/2 = 2.) Completely rework the buildings parts are hidden in, as they are not defendable. I would also suggest getting rid of the doors leading to the falcon. You can keep the command tower thing, but get rid of the majority of the big-ass wall. Make it such that the FOURTH OBJECTIVE deactivates a big force field or something, as opposed to unlocking the doors. If you implement this, unclip the windows of the control tower thing. For ninja offense and defense plays.

CLASSES: wtf were you thinking??? If I were you (which, thank heavens I am not) I would insert hoth classes (i.e. classes that actually fucking work) and make (and test) the structural changes first, before messing with classes.

TL;DR maybe you should consider making a NEW map and calling it desert, because as it is, reworking this is just putting lipstick on a pig. There is a small chance it can be pulled off, but it will probably require more iterations than Bespin.

Re: Desert reworked

New obj1, red area is blocked for players, need to hack both gates:
I'll make obj2 similar to obj1. Smaller, buildings as important part of layout. I don't know about more enterances to stations. With that you can't defened both stations. I wanted them to be like stations on Nar Shaddaa. Onasi suggested to add second door to every station, but one station is closed and is opened by destroying other station. It could work.

No idea for 3rd obj for now, but I will remake obj4 and obj5 to make it similar to obj1. 2 parts only. Parts' rooms next to Falcon, so defenders can go fast from Falcon to part room. Door next to current turret.

How about making O Jedi strong, with all current forces(push/pull 2, att/def/throw 3, abs 3, prot 2), giving him 75 HP, single saber, but being limited to 1?

Re: Desert reworked

Needs a visual indicator like a fence or something invisible walls just arbitrarily placed on a map is a bad idea. But I really don't understand reworking this map it is designed for a 16v16 chaos fest of scouts and Jedi not 3v3.

Re: Desert reworked

Black wrote:
Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:29 pm
But I really don't understand reworking this map it is designed for a 16v16 chaos fest of scouts and Jedi not 3v3.
I've already said this a thousand times. I have no idea why Grab is so obsessed with reworking shitty 16v16 pub maps. At this point I think it's because he's too lazy to make a finished map from scratch, and he thinks that by fixing up a mostly pre-made map he can quickly get people to play on one of "his" maps.