Re: Desert reworked

I am willing to play most of what Grab "creates" because this is the one somewhat positive thing he contributes to the community. That, and I am highly amused by Grab classes. I expect this next version of desert will feature a tech with sabers, concussion rifle, rockets, jump3, pull3, throw3, choke3, drain3, heal3, and rage3. Grab's classes are very similar to the Maginot Line. The creator felt it was an excellent idea, but the rest of the world just laughs.

Re: Desert reworked

I've repeatedly given you feedback on all your maps none of which gets followed. I've tried each of your maps even when they were obviously terrible. I genuinely don't see a way for this to be good just like with original yavin.

There is no potential for desert the only benefit I see of reworking this map is the textures are already chosen. If you totally change every objective then what is the point? Desert is fundamentally a big map nothing can change that without deleting most of the map.

Re: Desert reworked

B6 update:
Objective 1:
- First panel hacking time increased to 1.5s(was 1s)

Objective 2:
- Layout changes, each station has different layout
- Panels have new model, 400 HP each

Objective 4:
- Tower is back

Objective 5 NEW:
- New layout: take C3PO head to the Falcon.

Re: Desert reworked

Renamed map to mp/siege_tatooine_b7
Objective 2:
- Reduced stations area. Now panels are behind glass doors that can be opened/closed by both teams.

Objective 3:
- Added more cover to prevent sniping attackers from spawn.
- Added lift from defenders spawn to arena
- Inner gratings can now be damaged by normal weapons
- Retreat doors open after first grate is being destroyed

Objective 4:
- Chaned layout a little bit

Objective 5:
- Clipped roof of building
- Door next to defenders spawn is closed for attackers
- Objective trigger is now much smaller, "bridge" needs to be touched.

- Tech: removed seeker

- Tech: removed E11
- Jedi: health to 40(was 35)