Project Digimon

Project Digimon 2 Beta 2.1

Please see the discussion thread for full changes from the original to PD_2_b1. All these changes are worth reading.

Objective 1: Has a new water shader (thanks Grab!) which is very dark in colour rendering detpacks virtually invisible. Alt should be a little easier to access but only a little.
Objective 2: Small fixes and a new box.
Objective 3: This is now as wide and as high as it'll go without making more major structural changes. The objective is no longer andvace through but a hack to turn off the shield using a console for 1 second next to the shield. There is a side room to extend the ramp (don't try to mine the ramp!) this is a hack. D spawn has 2 routes out one of which is a lift to an upper area which is also a walkway to the new side room through a locked door.
Objective 4: D spawn side door is now on the other side remains available after objective 4 is complete, small alterations in cover locations around the objective.
Objective 5: There is no longer a door on the data centre for the jumpads.

Overall: Rush shields still all last 12 seconds, thinking of reverting to Xeon style shields let me know what you think. The only rushable objective is the last one, there are enough consoles in there to be able to stop a rush after it starts though and it'd be uncommon to have long in there anyway I think.

Class Changes:

D Demo - Removed trip mines added detpacks.
D Tech - Removed shield and pistol added E-11.
D Jedi - Changed to defence 2 directly as a result of mod changes to Lightsaber block.

O Assa - Added Flechette, Speed 1, Health 125
O HW - Created rocket class 160 HP, 85% speed.
O Tech - Added shield, Removed det packs, (might add E-11 at some point unsure as yet).
O Jedi - Removed mind trick (without D shields it seemed unnecessary.

Beta 2.1:
  • Purely visual/functional bug fixes and minor alterations but it does need to be downloaded.
  • Some new / more accurate locations.
  • Sky.
  • Added some printed messages.

Re: Project Digimon

The only thing I have definitely decided on is the jump pads as they are annoying. Might change it to stairs anyway but idk yet. Also, thinking I'm going to add a defensive alt route to the data centre.

* Class limits too I always forget them.