Sounds during pause

I know this is basically a meme, but I wanted to point out that there's actually a reason for hearing sound spam during server pause. Sounds give you information about enemy locations and activities -- hearing an enemy footstep, hearing an enemy open a door, knowing that a rocket is heading toward you from behind, etc. Hearing even a single tiny footstep sound can let you know an enemy is hiding around a corner.

If you got rid of these sounds, you could potentially forget about them, especially if you're paused for quite a while. Let's say you pause for 5 minutes and go take a piss and check your phone -- when you're about to unpause, you might have forgotten that an enemy was doing a certain activity nearby and out of sight if you didn't allow sounds to keep playing.

Therefore it's important that sound spam be allowed during pause. If it bothers you you can just turn your volume off.