Feb 5 update

  • All framerates now have the same physics as constant 125fps. This levels the playing field across all framerates and pings, and fixes all possible exploits involving changing your com_maxfps, such as certain jumps that were only possible when using com_maxfps 333 with low ping. Note that g_gravity is now set to 750 to account for the physics fix. Don't worry, the actual gravity amount is still equal to the old g_gravity 800 setting.
  • Fixed a basejka bug where thermals caused more damage from splash than directs (e.g. a thermal landing on the wall next to a target's head would cause more damage than a thermal directly hitting the target's head).
  • Entering the join command with a one-letter argument will now do the same thing as the team command.
  • The team command now supports the letters 'o' and 'd'.
  • Entering the voice_cmd command without any argument will print a list of all possible voice chats.