Minor update

A minor server update is live:
  • Added the new command /emote. It can be used two ways:
    • Without any argument: does a random animation for 5 seconds.
    • With an argument: does an animation based on the "keyword" you enter. For example, /emote balls123 does the same animation every time. You can use this to figure out a "personal emote" that you can use and nobody else can figure out (unless you tell them the keyword). If you want a different duration than 5 seconds, you can specify an additional duration argument in milliseconds. For example, to do the "balls123" animation for 1 second, you would do /emote balls123 1000.
    If you do an emote during a live pug:
    • You cannot use most weapons/force/items/triggers for the rest of the spawn cycle.
    • You get oneshot by any damage, and cannot saber block for the rest of the spawn cycle.
    • You will automatically SK 3 seconds before the spawn.
    These restrictions prevent using cheesy emotes to gain an advantage over enemies (faking dead, etc). Basically you should only emote during a live pug if all enemies are dead, since emoting makes you worthless for the rest of the spawn.
    There are over two million possible animations.
    Requires server enabling g_emote.
  • You can now use the /meditate command if the server has enabled emotes; however, it applies similar restrictions to /emote during live pugs (see above).
  • You can now see which maps are eligible to use with /callvote newpug by entering the new command /pugmaps. Not a super necessary command, but since the server now allows customization of map vote letters from server.cfg, at some point the maps might change, and you can check them with this command.
  • Fixed animation bugs with using emplaced guns (e.g. when you would try to mount the emplaced gun and would just go into a "touching it with your hand" animation instead).