Yuge update

A major update to the server mod is now live.

New features:
  • Live pug detection: certain parameters are used to determine whether a pug is "live" or not. This includes checking whether a restart was used, people are AFK at the start, even teams, etc. This determination is used for several other new features... (see below).
  • AFK detection: if the live pug check fails solely because someone is AFK at the start, you get notified. Also known as "Sith detection".
  • Auto-pause on disconnect: during a live pug, if someone ingame disconnects, the match is automatically paused. You will see the disconnecter's name as part of the pause notification text.
  • Auto-pause on 999: during a live pug, if someone ingame 999s for several seconds, the match is automatically paused. You will see the lagger's name as part of the pause notification text.
  • Top times/fast caps: ported this popular CTF feature to Siege. Obj capture times, as well as entire-map completion times, are now tracked in the server's database. You can compete to see who can be the fastest person to complete objs/maps. View times in console by using the new /toptimes command. Times can be for each obj, or for the entire map, and are split into different categories:
    • Live pug runs: objs/maps completed during live pugs.
    • Speedruns: objs/maps completed under certain conditions:
      • Nobody else has joined red team
      • Nobody has joined blue team
      • Respawn time is 20 (the default)
      While these conditions are intact, you will spawn only at the closest possible spawnpoints to the obj.
      This category has several subcategories:
      • Co-op: completed with exactly one teammate on red team
      • <class>-only: completed while only playing as <class>
      • One-shot: completed the entire map in one life (no dying/selfkilling/changing class)
    • Any% runs: objs/maps completed in neither live pugs nor speedrun conditions, or by a player with boost.
    When you use the /toptimes command, you can optionally include some terms for categories you would like to view times for (no spaces).
    • /toptimes map → view speedrun times for the entire map.
    • /toptimes solo → view solo speedrun times for the entire map.
    • /toptimes obj5pug → view live pug times for the fifth obj.
    • /toptimes obj2anypercent → view any% run times for the second obj.
    • /toptimes codesjedi → view jedi-only speedrun times for the codes obj (only on Hoth).
    • /toptimes coopscoutoneshot → view co-op scout-only speedrun times for the entire map done in one shot.
    Note that "simultaneous objs" are combined and treated as a single obj, e.g. the power nodes on Cargo count together as simply "objective 3".
  • Senseboost: I had received many requests for an "IQ boost" to remove the need for high-level skillboosts. This new feature can be used to enhance a player's game sense (awareness of surroundings, positioning, etc.) This is an experimental feature for testing, and only if people are interested in trying it. The idea with this is that we don't have to skillboost someone's stats so high if they simply had better game sense/positioning.
    • Level 1 → enables wallhack for 1 second every 10.1 seconds.
    • Level 2 → enables wallhack for 1 second every 7.1 seconds.
    • Level 3 → enables wallhack for 1 second every 4.1 seconds.
    Does not apply if the player is using a class that has force sense, and does not counter/prevent mind trick.
  • Skillboost no longer affects knockback.
  • For consistency, the ATST on Hoth now always spawns 5 seconds after the start of the round, instead of always spawning at :10 on the white timer.

Re: Yuge update

I have updated the server again with a few additional features:
  • You can now use /callvote quickspawns to call a vote to set g_siegeRespawn to 1.
  • You can now use /toptimes demo [category] [rank #] to download the demo for a given record on the current map.
    • Example: /toptimes demo obj5 2 → download the demo for the silver record for obj 5.
  • You can now use /toptimes latest to view a list of the latest records for all maps.

Re: Yuge update

  • (Hopefully) fixed auto-pause when specs disconnect (it should only auto-pause for actual in-game players disconnecting during live pugs)
  • Following someone from spec now persists from previous round after restart/map change/countdown.