Re: Saber throw

Black wrote:
Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:13 am
I mean to be fair saber throwing is one of the few things I actually rate myself at now, I can pretty consistently get one shots. For you to just call it broken because you can't see there is variance and also skill to executing it because you stood still and chucked a saber at a motionless figure isn't great and I'd much rather it stayed as is.

Addressing your questions directly 1: "100hp dmg is also an option, +your whole post would make pullthrowing a 1 hit kill machine unless you happen to be a saberist facing within 12 degrees. 2: read the second half of your quote to see I acknowledged that already, guaranteeing extra dmg due to being pulled is wrong. 3: Would a pull throw not satisfy criteria 1 and 3? thus making the ≥ 2 points: 50 damage unless it was negated by 12 degrees which would: 0 points: 15 damage. 4. Nowhere did I say stop rewarding pull, I said adding extra weight in a guaranteed manner to pulling an opponent in terms of damage dealt is the wrong way to go about changes. What I mean by respecting base behaviour is the intentional attributes given by the devs i.e. the weight given to force points in block and saber throw should also be given weight in any changes to the system. 5. Generally I answered already but what's wrong with RNG in certain circumstances? If you have throw 1 you risk losing your saber either fight without throwing or take the risk.

This whole post is about dumbing down and standardising which makes me wholly against changes to the system as is.
Holy shit use quotes not gonna read this enormous wall of text