Re: Hoth is a terrible map

Duo wrote: I'll try demping that's a good trick!
Yeah I was exaggerating doesn't mean it's fun. Unless you're totally unaware of the tech as a Jedi you shouldn't die to demp all the time. You are also way more useful and it's much easier to drive when there is a Jedi. I've been doing it for years in 2s and 1 at objective was always easier when there was a Jedi (unless of course the scout proper turns it on and the other team is just dead all game, which can be said of any objective it's just the way scout is.)

One of the irritations I've had driving is some idiot (note not a bad player generally) scoping / not being near the walker won't change class or "stay with walker" when asked. We get held for xmins "let me drive" we get the objective mostly because the walker gets defended and they feel superior. Thankfully most people most games don't just leave the at on its own anymore even when playing scout, I know because I spam the assistance vchat when this happens and I rarely have to anymore.

And Duo feed your fucking cat before you call me on Discord.