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-No tech sk
-Golan ball spam
-it was frowned upon to play 3 dps in 3s, especially on the final Hoth obj; gentleman played 2 dps +some other class like scout
-throwing mines in bunkers would have been highly frowned upon (especially by people like CHEW)
-jumping on people's heads would have been seen as a form of lift spam, as would jumping down a lift to detkill
-throwing mines at shields is perfectly fine today, but would have been frowned upon years ago
-getting armour at Nar's third obj then minespamming door to ensure defends can't tag you
-going afk during matches, even if briefly (think I was ragebant for this at one point)
-not capting; even if randomteams had existed during the pinnacle of siege, it would NEVER have been used
-restarts were rarely a thing; if you fucked up a class, a spawn or whatever, you dealt with it (unless your name began with kera)
-firing rockets down lifts
-throwing primary dets down/around lifts, especially on hoth's final obj
-that one bolt thing Duo does on the final hoth obj
-Heroric shields were generally frowned upon and would probably earn you a verbal berating
-using higher FOV

There are probably more

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Are these old pug rules or secret code for Onasi? But really CHEW loved minespam his favourite thing was leaning to counter highskilled gameplay such as lift laming and doorspam. Things might have been frowned upon but generally the game did get finished like people didn't leave, well people did and turkey mode is a thing, but it wasn't like this stuff was outright banned or anything.

The only time I've seen people complain about Golan spam is when it's just doorspam. I still judge people for running 3 DPS on Hoth in a 3s pug. I don't think I've seen people complain about throwing mines at a shield though? Unless you mean while someone is still standing on it? This is a relatively new thing.

Throwing mines at someone in a bunker is minespam just because you are attacking doesn't mean you can throw mines at people.

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Not gonna lie, I was expecting some crazier changes over time.

No wonder it was frowned upon to play 3 dps on hoth final obj btw, as this is OG hoth we are talking about! Plus, isn't scout also a dps?
Also, I have seen you siegers capt duel. God save us from all that boxwhoring; long live randomteams (or cointoss).
I don't really see anyone firing rockets down lifts as well, and I can't imagine anyone being able to get away with it.

And now my favourite thing: you couldn't use higher FOV? The hell?????? So you were stuck using the default 80 or what? Or were you allowed to at least set it to 95? I use 120 and can't imagine playing with lower. And how would people even know someone was using a higher one?


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Black wrote:
Sun Feb 17, 2019 10:38 am
Using any FOV that needs to be unlocked by a mod is just cheating.
Was this stance maintained by people who also thought cl_yawspeed 3000 spinning with saber was cheating? IIRC quake also allowed higher fovs, and the jka devs just decided to lock it at 95 for whatever reason, so unlocking it was very easily doable.