WTB 2 features

I'm going to relase new map very soon and I would like to add 2 new things for classes.

1) Class not playing jump sound on jump and roll.

2) Kinda optional, might be hard to do. Well I wanted map to be tighter and not have mines like on Cargo. But I was thinking about making primary mines cooler and more useful. I was thinking about making M2 mines work like M1(being also laser mines but they keep M2 cooldown and range). Mines could be off after placing them and they could active when someone walks next to small area around them like 64 map units and like 32 map units around laser line. So running around mine itself would activate them faster and running throught their "trajectory" would activate them slower. Activating them might be already coded because it mines as entities can be turned on/off in SP.

Onasi didn't understand so here is picture of what I am thinking about:
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