June 1 update

I updated the server with a few improvements.
  • The server now always defaults to instant respawn timer. If the map is restarted with at least one player on both teams, the respawn timer will be set to 20 just before countdown finishes.
    • This does mean that it is now possible to complete speedruns with SKs/class changes faster than before. This is a good change for speedrunning, because eliminating the forgiving 20-second spawn cycle means that NON-oneshot speedruns are now more competitive. Previously, let's say you were going for NON-oneshot Hoth speedrun, with the 20s spawn timer, it didn't matter if you finished codes at :14 or :18 because you were going to switch to demo anyway, and the 20s respawn time would mean they were basically the same. Now, finishing codes at :14 instead of :18 means you saved 4s from your time.
    • The oneshot category, of course, is unaffected by this change.
  • For convenience, when you complete a map under speedrun conditions, it won't switch teams and change to round 2 afterwards.
  • When completing an obj NOT during a live pug, if you didn't set a record, the exact obj time will now be broadcast to everyone, rather than just the capturer (improves spectating speedrun attempts).
  • Capture records now denote ties for the same ranking, e.g. tying gold will no longer erroneously announce that you got silver. Tied records are still listed under /toptimes with numerical rankings, but now they at least show the appropriate color. The numerical rankings do need to stay, because they tell you which one to type in order to download the demo with /toptimes demo.
  • Fixed a weird issue where single-obj maps (siege_cc, siege_training) would not end properly.
  • Multi-map voting is now configurable via rcon/server config, e.g.:

    Code: Select all

    seta vote_map_shortname_n Nar
    seta vote_map_n siege_narshaddaa