So how are you guys doing?

Summer has been pretty chill: we don't play very often, and I haven't seen/talked to many people in a good while! So I figured I'd ask here, on the off chance people will notice and reply.

Me, I'm currently awaiting some admission/rejection emails from unis located in germany/austria, and am constantly contemplating just how infuriatingly slow those guys do things.

Re: So how are you guys doing?

Hi, i'm having fun playing football (the european one , not handegg :) ) running, enjoying myself with friends and working.
OFC from time to time i'm playing some computer games for relax (being slow, do not care about win just fuuuun and pojebka [have fun translating that] )
I hope You guys are doing well too, cheers !

Re: So how are you guys doing?

Yeah I haven't played much recently, I have had 1 game this month which was on Sunday. Premier League is back on so this consumes my time not spent working on the weekends. I am still online weekdays if there are people that play then. Still looking for a new job which can be a bit demotivating at times since it's been a while now I suspect should I get full time work my playtime would be pretty much 0 though. The government is a mess which can be a bit irritating, we have a career politician as PM whose whole career has been built on lies and misinformation. Had a great holiday in the US in May though so that was nice.