So how are you guys doing?

Summer has been pretty chill: we don't play very often, and I haven't seen/talked to many people in a good while! So I figured I'd ask here, on the off chance people will notice and reply.

Me, I'm currently awaiting some admission/rejection emails from unis located in germany/austria, and am constantly contemplating just how infuriatingly slow those guys do things.

Re: So how are you guys doing?

Hi, i'm having fun playing football (the european one , not handegg :) ) running, enjoying myself with friends and working.
OFC from time to time i'm playing some computer games for relax (being slow, do not care about win just fuuuun and pojebka [have fun translating that] )
I hope You guys are doing well too, cheers !

Re: So how are you guys doing?

Yeah I haven't played much recently, I have had 1 game this month which was on Sunday. Premier League is back on so this consumes my time not spent working on the weekends. I am still online weekdays if there are people that play then. Still looking for a new job which can be a bit demotivating at times since it's been a while now I suspect should I get full time work my playtime would be pretty much 0 though. The government is a mess which can be a bit irritating, we have a career politician as PM whose whole career has been built on lies and misinformation. Had a great holiday in the US in May though so that was nice.

Re: So how are you guys doing?

Black wrote: Thu Oct 03, 2019 12:03 pm Got a new job, starting Monday so I'm doing 3.5 days there and two half days in the joke shop supermarket. Going to be doing actual science stuff so it should be decent, I will be getting school holidays off though.

Hey that's really nice! I'm happy to hear you didn't abandon your joke shop ambitions though, I heard you can make some seriously good money working there.

I suppose I could also post an update, while at it, just for completion's sake. I actually got accepted to a uni in vienna, 2 weeks before the semester started. That was super fun, doing everything in 2 weeks, but now I'm enrolled, live in Vienna and attend classes.

So yeah that pretty much worked out well. Although for some reason the austrians feel the need to use some weird accents for both english and german which can be a bit off putting.