Discord Client

So I wanted to use discord but I can't work the windows desktop client. This is what displays (uploaded twice but w/e.) This will just display continuously, I have a discord account and I can use the browser version but not the deskto[p cloent.
Discord fags.png
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Re: Discord Client

Hm, try to open task manager, process tab and end all the discord.exe process, then relaunch.

You can try also going into your AppData folder (C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Roaming\discord) and delete everything, even the folder itself if you have to.

Re: Discord Client

Well I fixed it! So I've had problems with steam for a while now, all pages except library were inaccessible (some connection error). I tried to install EA's Origin today and that couldn't connect either so I tried changing some random internet settings. Unchecked "use a proxy server for LAN" (is this default?) and Origin could connect I checked Steam and that could too so I decided to install Discord and it works.

So I am on Discord now.