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New serverside update.

Map changes:
-Swoop obj: swoop turning speed decreased by 25%.
Kind of annoying to try to hit people spinning left-right-left-right insanely fast. When I initially made the swoop have fast turning, I wanted people to dodge individual attacks by enemies, not just wildly spin their mouse to brainlessly evade every single attack.

Class changes:
-O assault: takes -30% damage from demp, cannot be frozen.
O assault needs a buff; he is currently outclassed by O demo in damage and movement speed and has an almost 0% pick rate. This gives him a niche as a hard counter to D tech.

-D jedi: removed basejka 25% damage reduction from being damaged by explosives (blobs/balls/rockets/thermals/mines/detpacks).
D jedi currently lacks a decent counter. O assa/HW/demo were intended to counter him, but his 40HP + heal3 + basejka damage reduction allows him to survive them too often despite my best intentions. Nerfing his HP would allow him to be raped by O jedi/tech too much, so this is the happy medium. This buff to O assa/HW/demo allows them to more easily kill him now, though he is still able to continue raping scouts and techs.

-D scout: jetpack requires 100 fuel to activate, consumes all fuel in 1 second, and regenerates fuel from zero to full in 10 seconds. No more permanently flying around; you get a short burst and then a 10 second cooldown.
It is just generally kind of shitty trying to fight against someone who can instantly escape from O jedis whenever he wants and can fly around the top of the map indefinitely at light speed disrupting gunners. Now he has to time his jetpack use/cooldown if he wants to escape from O jedis.

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New small serverside update.

Map changes:
  • Swoop obj: reduced swoop turning rate by 13%.

Class changes:
  • O HW: reduced HP to 60 (was 70).
  • D scout: reduced max armor to 50 (was 100).

Re: Urban

20 Feb 2019 patch changes:

Class changes:
  • O Scout: added 1 thermal.
  • D Demo: reduced starting armor to 15 (was 25).
  • D Scout: reduced max armor to 25 (was 50).
  • D Jedi: reduced jump to level 2.

Re: Urban

I have some map improvements in the works, but I'm having issues with q3map2 ever since Windows decided to make me reformat and lose my old gtkradiant/mapping installs. So the structural changes to the map will have to wait until I get that resolved.

Anyway, I'm still able to make changes to classes, so here are the notes on the latest class changes:
  • O HW:
    • Takes -10% damage from splash/demp (since he has 60 HP, this basically means he has 66 HP against those weapons.)
    • Takes max 2 damage from proximity mines
    • Immune to falling damage
    • Decreased run speed to 90% (was 95%)
    • Guaranteed to be one-shot by saber (no bullshit tanking)
    • Increased rocket ammo to 15 (was 10)
    • Decreased max rocket ammo to 15 (was 25)
  • D Jedi:
    • Increased saber defense to 3 (was 2)

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I'd like to hereby start a petition to reconstruct the café at the third objective to a laundromat. Or at the very least renovate it, because in its current state there is no way I'd ever go in there.