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Re: Hoth 2nd obj

Some possible ideas to make it harder to rush:
  • Put teleport from obj1 bunker to obj2
Some possible ideas to make it easier to complete normally:
  • fast ion hack
  • reduce turrets hp by 50%
  • delete inner rockts in the cave

Re: Saber throw

Already affects saber block :thinking: Using your system means that saberthrowing gunner that is running away will deal 60 dmg only and this is not how it works now. Can't you just make it deal always 100 damage agaisnt gunners and fix logic for saberists? Saber throw damage agaisnt saberists = 50 ...

Re: Saber throw

Is the target being pulled/pushed? If yes, +1 point. TBH I don't like that. Push/pull is strong enough now - it unarms jedi and pulls enemy to you. Also it punishes you for not using push/pull and sometimes it is nice to risk saber throw only to not waste force on push/pull. It Is the target in a s...

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