This forum's search function is useless. If I search "ansion" it's too common a word that's just silly. I don't know how common is too common for it to handle but it's way too sensitive.

Re: Search

You put in a search that turns up over a hundred results, this is a problem for two reasons:

  1. you don't get much closer to finding what you're looking for
  2. our site gets hammered and slows down

For instance, what if you searched for the word 'the'? You'd get pretty much every post in here.
So, what you need to do is refine your search or use more words, instead of searching 'ansion' try 'ansion beta' that will bring up only posts with those two words together...

I know, this is just ridiculous but maybe I can fix it rebuilding the search index.

Re: Search

Duo wrote: I tried to search for when Ansion will be released but couldn't find a date.
I have been meaning to go back to it and redesign things, especially the 2nd area. I intend to release the next version sometime in February, as I will have the semester break during it.