Hoth 2nd obj update

  • Fixed hoth turret hitboxes being too big (invisible walls blocking shots around them)
  • Added g_fixHoth2ndObj (default: 1)
    • RUSHING the obj is now HARDER:
      • Defenders can press +use inside either spawn bunker to teleport from the first obj to the second obj.
    • NORMAL completion of the obj is now EASIER:
      • Ion hack is now instantaneous
      • Ion hack can now be performed by any class
      • Reduced 2nd area turrets HP to 600 (was 1200)
      • Added health dispenser in cave for offense only
      • Reduced outer cave rocks HP to 100 (was 1500)
      • Removed inner cave rocks
      • Wampa spawns farther away from the wall (allows more optimal movement through cave)
      • Wampa is braindead during live pugs