June 6 update

  • The server now tracks defense obj time records. In other words, you will now be able to see what the longest time someone has ever held for (both for specific objectives and for the full map). For full map records, the number of objectives completed will also be tracked and used as a tiebreaker. For example, naturally over time the longest possible time someone will hold Urban for will be 20 minutes total — but if you hold for 20 minutes at an earlier obj than anyone else has ever done, then you have the gold. If you hold for the exact same time at the exact same objective, then that will count as a tie.
  • The server will now display a diagram of colored lines as a visual aid to show objective completion times. For example, without needing to do any math, you will be able to see colored lines showing that you were halfway through obj 3 when the other team was just starting obj 6. These lines are only approximations and are not 100% accurate — since each symbol represents 10 seconds, there is some natural rounding inaccuracy. However, it should still give a good idea of the relative completion times of different objs.